Smallwood ordinary bicycle, circa 1885

This bike was made by the firm of T. Smallwood & Co., one of the numerous small English factories in the 1880's. It was based at Union Mills, Foleshill, Coventry.
'Hero' seems to have been the brand name.

It would hard to recognise it as a Smallwood, if it wasn't for the makers name, engraved in the saddle spring. Yet, the bike had beautiful details, like the ball bearings, which could be a Smallwood design. I am sure this wasn't the cheapest bike on the market in those days. I think it dates around 1883-1884, mainly because of the straight handlebars.

This Smallwood is a rare survivor of this maker, in a wonderful original condition. Look at the original lining and the nickle on the hubs! It was sold some years ago here in the Netherlands and I guess it has found a very proud new owner.
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